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Episode 128: Interview with Matthew Norman author of Charm City Rocks

“If Daisy Jones and Emily Henry had a baby, it would be Charm City Rocks.” ~ bestselling author Colleen Oakley.

For this episode, three-time guest Matthew Norman sat down to talk about his completely charming new novel, Charm City Rocks. Matthew talks about writing a sweet novel instead of a bitter-sweet novel, writing songs into his books, making Burnt Flowers t-shirts, the city of Baltimore, and so much more.

Thank you so much Matthew Norman – what a great interview! Follow Matthew Norman on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @thenormannation. Place your hold here for all Matthew Norman titles.

Matthew Norman recommends: The People We Keep by Allie Larkin;  Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld 


Episode 65: Interview with Matthew Norman, 2021 Edition!

Welcome back to our E35 guest, Matthew Norman. Matthew Norman was here previously to talk about his third book, Last Couple Standing.  For this episode, we talk about his latest publication, All Together Now. Please feel free to sing right along with that title!  All Together Now is about a reclusive billionaire who invites his four oldest friends to their beloved Fenwick Island on the coast of Delaware to share his secret and to reveal plans to change their lives forever.

So grab your beach towels, unfold your picnic blankets and check this one out! This novel of friendship will kick off your summer reading perfectly! Can’t thank Matthew Norman enough for coming back on the show!

Reserve your copies here: All Together Now; Last Couple Standing; Domestic Violets; We’re All Damaged

Matthew Norman recommends: Mary Jane by Jessica Anya Blau; Station Eleven and Glass Hotel both by Emily St. Mandel; All Adult Here by Emma Straub

Episode 35: Interview with Matthew Norman, author of Last Couple Standing.

Book clubs, start your 2020 engines…

You all know my love for books ’bout the ‘burbs and Last Couple Standing by Matthew Norman checks all the book discussion boxes: When Jessica and Mitch find out that their core group of friends are getting divorced, they find themselves as the last couple standing. This third novel by Matthew Norman asks what you would do to keep your marriage afloat?

We had such a great discussion about his writing style, the role that ensemble characters play in Last Couple Standing, and more. Norman is the also the author of We’re All Damagedand Domestic Violets.

Last Couple Standing hits shelves on Tuesday, March 17th, place your reserve now!  #GiveAListenReadtheBook

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